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Sabinovská 16
P.O. Box 106
820 05 Bratislava 25

Phone: ++421 248 26 41 11
Fax:      ++421 248 26 43 86


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The Chairman represents the region externally, acting as authorised representative with regard to labour and other relations. Also, the Chairman makes decisions on issues where, by the law, the Self-Governing Region as a public administration body, is authorised to decide on duties and obligations of legal entities and individuals. This is not the case in issues where the organisational unit of the Office stipulated in the Office Organisational Code, takes decisions, following the Chairman’s proposal.


Juraj Droba  


    Mgr. Juraj Droba, MBA, MA
      Chairman of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region

        Phone: +421 248 26 4151
        Fax:     +421 248 26 4397