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Sabinovská 16
P.O. Box 106
820 05 Bratislava 25
IČO: 36063606

Úradné hodiny

Telefón:  02/4826 4111
Fax:        02/4826 4386

Centrum pre rodiny v kríze
Kancelária prvého kontaktu

Školy v južnej časti Norrköpingu vo Švédsku hľadajú partnerov na projekt v programe doživotného vzdelávania - Comenius

Svanen Preschool & Primary school - Partner Search

Svanen preschool & primary school, is situated in Hageby in the south part of Norrköping. The surroundings consist of terrace housing, blocks of flats, green areas and forest.
The building was established in 1955 as a children´s home. That makes Svanen to a preschool-primary school with a special character. 
We apply an “organisation of learning” in which a head in cooperation with a management team, team leaders and work teams manages our preschool & primary school. 
A school for all inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach
The preschool/primary school Svanen is organised as follows:
-         Preschool 1-3 and 2-5 years of age
-         Night-care 1-12 years of age
-         Preschool class 6 years of age
-         Primary school 6-12 years of age
-         After school recreation/leisure centre 6-10 years of age
At Svanen we have about 25 full teaching positions and 140 children.
Project description
Within the framework of the LLP – Lifelong Learning Program, Comenius, we would like to build a trans-national partnership together with European colleagues willing to cooperate with us to develop the following areas:
-         Children’s joyful learning processes
-         Fundamental values (Democracy and Gender perspectives)
Some of the issues we would like to approach are:
-         What’s a modern Swedish/European preschool-primary school?
-         How can we satisfy the needs of our children?
-         How can we facilitate the lifelong learning process?
Trans-national cooperation should therefore have its focus on pedagogic/methodological issues, transfer of elements of good practice and adaption and development of measures of common concern inside our respective preschools.
The organizational settings and the management of our respective units should also be a matter of concern for a future project.
Interested partners should address their declaration of interest to:
Elisabeth Ohlson
Gender Equality Specialist
Svanen preschool/primary school
+46 11 15 25 58 (office)
+46 704 95 50 37 (mobile)
Johanna Persson
Svanen preschool/primary school
+46 11 15 25 58 (office)
+46 706 11 43 10 (mobile)