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Kyev Region (Ukraine)

In spring this year, the Kiev Oblast celebrated it’s 75th anniversary and the Chairwoman (Golova, in the Ukraine language, meaning “The Head”) of the region, Ms. Vira Uľjančenko, invited the Chairman of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region Mr. Vladimír Bajan to participate in an official celebration and the conference entitled ‘Investment Forum of Kiev Oblast’. Signing of the Memorandum on Co-operation between the Bratislava Self-Governing Region and the Kiev Oblast was initiated at this event, which was then signed by the highest regional representatives at the end of a joint meeting in Kiev, on May 19th, 2007.
In compliance with this document, the co-operation will commence shortly, mainly in the sectors of tourism, culture, education and youth, and also, within the assigned competences, in support of joint ventures and business activities.
Both regional representatives confirmed the importance of the support provided to the growing number of accredited tourist operators for the exchange of tourists between Slovakia and Ukraine. They also addressed the issue of lowering the administrative burden in issuing visas, not only currently, but in the near future with regards to the Schengen Agreement, due on January 1st, 2009.

Kyev Region

The Kyev Region has 1 763 800 inhabitants, thereof 1 049 700 (58%) are living in towns and 714 000 people live in rural areas. The population density is 63 people per km2. The Kiev Oblast area is 28 400 km2 (equal to the size of Denmark or Albania).
The major objective of the Kyev Region investment policy is to create adequate conditions for further development of the business sector, assistance to economically and socially important investment projects, and attracting all available financial resources. The Kiev Oblast ranked in third position amongst Ukraine’s regions in the volume of foreign investment (6% of the total investment volume within the country), amounting to 736.3 million USD. 309 companies participate in investment co-operation, with partners from 60 countries worldwide.
The Large volume of foreign investment is directed towards; Industry (61,6% of the total volume), agriculture, hunting and forestry (16,63%); 9,1% to trade and 3% to transport. 400 large and medium-sized companies are the base of the Kiev Oblast’s industrial potential.
In the sphere of foreign relations and foreign and economic activities, Ukraine’s orientation towards European integration and the intensification of international contacts is its priority. Companies from the Kiev Oblast co-operate with partners from 112 countries. 371 companies export goods to 80 countries worldwide.
24,6% of the overall import volume is represented by mechanical and electrical equipment, polymer materials, plastics and dry rubber – 10,8%, paper and cardboard – 8,8%, pharmaceutical products – 8%, road transportation means, except railways – 6,1%, textiles and textile products – 7,4%, other chemical industry products – 4,3%, dry rubber and rubber products – 3,4%, essential oils and cosmetic specimens – 2,8%, black metallurgy – 2,2%, its products – 2,1%. 775 companies import goods from 101 countries.
The Kyev Region signed 17 agreements on co-operation with the respective regions of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Volgograd, Novgorod, Murmansk, Sverdlovsk, and Leningrad, and with the Republic Marij-El and Tatarstan, and a  tri-lateral agreement between the Kiev, Moscow and Minsk Oblasts.
Within bi-lateral agreements, the Kiev Oblast co-operates with Hrodna, Minsk and Goelsk Provinces in Belarus, and the Primorske Region in Slovenia. The Kyev Region also signed a Protocol on Co-operation with the Masovia County (Voivodship) in Poland, and with the Lori, Shirak, Tavuk and Vayots Dzor Oblasts in Armenia. Moreover, in 1994, the Kiev Oblast signed a Co-operation Agreement with the Province Chu-bej in China. A Charter of Co-operation between the Kiev Oblast and Havana (Cuba) Province was signed in 2004. The Protocol on Co-operation with Nizny Novgorod Oblast (Russian Federation) was signed in 2004, and a Memorandum between Kiev Oblast and the State of Maryland was signed in 2005.
Small enterprises belong to the most important development sectors. There are 10 052 small enterprises; 57 small companies per 10 000 people. The authorities competent in the Oblast try to develop infrastructure via the provision of support to small enterprises. Currently, there are 7 business centres, 4 business incubators, 13 business support funds, 11 leasing companies, 29 non-bank financial and credit companies, 67 information and consultancy companies. There are 97 regional and local associations of businessmen registered in the Kiev Oblast.
In the Kyev Region, there are almost three million hectares of land, thereof 1, 674, 000 hectares are agricultural land and 649 000 hectares are forests. Housing is developed in almost 389 000 hectares. 488 large agricultural companies operate in the Kiev Oblast. In total, there are 2, 697 companies acting in the agricultural sector.
The Kyev Region is interlaced with a dense network of roads for cars, with the overall length of 8, 500 km. Highways link the Kiev Oblast with international connections (Lvov-Kharkov, Lvov-Moscow, Sankt Petersburg – Odessa, and others). The Kiev Oblast has railroad connections with all Ukrainian Oblasts, and also the CIS countries. International trains provide services to all eastern European countries across the Kiev Oblast. Borispol, the international airport is served by 30 international airlines.
In the Kyev Region, there are 87 clubs, 924 libraries, 4 other cultural facilities, 17 state museums and 241 public museums, 57 schools offering education in the field of aesthetics, a secondary school of culture and art, and many others. Professional art assemblies, among others, are represented the Creative Concert Organisation Kievsko, Symphonic Orchestra Academy, Belocerkov Ukraine Musical and Drama Theatre of P.K. Saksagansky, the House of Organ and Chamber Music, 35 district and town divisions of culture and tourism. 31 musical schools, 25 schools of art and 1 artist’s schools offer aesthetic education for children.
In the Kyev Region, there are 790 state secondary schools, thereof 218 are located in towns and 572 in rural areas, with 208, 418 students enrolled (128, 285 from cities and 80, 133 from rural areas). 6 private schools provide education for 500 students. Then, there are 12 evening schools, 26 specialised secondary schools, 23 faculties (with approximately 41, 000 students) and 55 off-school facilities, and facilities focusing on gifted children – The Fastov Regional School for Mathematics and Natural Sciences, The Kiev Regional Lyceum of Physical Education and Sports, The Stretinsk Higher Pedagogical School of Kobzar Art, and the Brovar Higher School of Physical Culture.
In the Kyev Region, there are 1, 046 therapeutic and prophylactic facilities: 2 regional hospitals, 2 regional children’s hospitals, 3 specialised hospitals, 25 central district hospitals, 8 town hospitals, 149 out-patient clinics and policlinics, 5 district hospitals, 3 maternity hospitals, 68 local hospitals, 697 health care centres and maternity hospitals, 2 orphanages and 2 sanatorium  for children.